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Our current catalog, as listed here, is available online at iTunes, eMusic, etc. under our Compose Music Label.

1.  Fields of Athenry

2.  Carrickfergus

3.  Slievenamon

4.  Love Thee Dearest

5.  Erin Go Bragh

6.  The Gem of the Roe

7.  Gentle Mother


1.  My Wild Irish Rose

2.  Irish Wedding Song

3.  The Irish Way to Love

4.  Love Thee Dearest

5.  The Anniversary Waltz

6.  The Wind Beneath My Wings

7.  Wedding Bells

8.  I Need You


1.  Riverdance

2.  Eileen Oge

3.  The Band of Armagh

4.  The Molly Maguires

5.  She Moved Through the Fair

6.  Danny Boy

7.  The Mason's Apron



1.  On the One Road

2.  Sean South

3.  Kevin Barry

4.  The Dying Rebel

5.  Come to the Bower

6.  The Soldiers Song

7.  The Patriot Game



1.  Riverdance

2.  Whisky in the Jar

3.  The Blackbird

4.  The Shaskeen

5.  Misty Mourne Shore

6.  Marina Waltz

7.  The Leprechaun



1.  How Are Things in Gloccamara

2.  Isle of Innisfree

3.  Golden Jubilee

4.  The Homes of Donegal

5.  The Ducks of Magherlin

6.  The Wild Colonial Boy

7.  I Know Where/She Moved Thru



1.  40 Shades of Green

2.  Black Velvet Band

3.  The Fields of Athenry

4.  Rose of Allendale

5.  Dublin in the Rare Oul' Times

6.  Courtin' in the Kitchen

7.  The Mountains of Mourne



1.  Whisky in the Jar/I'll Tell Me Ma

2.  Ma Ma, Will you Buy me a


3.  The Moonshiner

4.  The Fly

5.  My Lagen Softly Flowing

6.  Green Glens of Antrim/Galway

     Shawl/Boys from Co. Armagh



1.  A Mother's Love's a Blessing/

     Did Your Mother Come from

     Ireland/ Gentle Mother

2.  I'll Take you home Again Kathleen

3.  Gentle Mother

4.  The Ould Turf Fire

5.  Fields of Athenry

6.  A Mother's Love's A Blessing


1.  If You're Irish/When Irish Eyes

     are Smiling/Hello Patsy Fagan

2.  The Boys from Co. Armagh

3.  How Are Things in Gloccamara

4.  The Spinning Wheel

5.  Song for Ireland

6.  Mother McCree

7.  The Bard of Armagh



1.  Wild Colonial By/Noreen Brawn/

     A Mother's Love's a Blessing/

     Black Velvet Band

2.  Molly Malone/Come Back to Erin/

     The Boys from Co. Armagh/The

     Old Bog Road

3.  I'll Tell Me Ma/Courtin' in the

     Kitchen/Dacent Irish Boy/Let Him

     Go Let Him Tarry

4.  Little Town in the Old County

     Down/My Wild Irish Rose

5.  With Me Shillelagh Under Me

     Arm/Eileen Oge/The Oul'

     Lammas Fair

6.  Isle of Innis Free/Forty Shades of

     Green/Does Your Mother Come

     from Ireland



8.  Danny Boy

9.  The Hills of Connermara

10.  The Orange Maid of Slago

11.  Siege of Erin

12.  Old Bog Road

13.  Victory Waltz

14.  Maggie


9.  I Love You Because

10. She Wears my Ring

11.  When you Were Sweet Sixteen

12.  Golden Jubilee

13.  You're My Best Friend

14.  This Song is Just for You

15.  How Great Thou Art



8.  Star of the County Down

9.  Pretty Girl Milking

10. My Lagan Love

11. Molly Malone

12. The Coolin

13. The Mountains of Mourne

14. Rattlin' Bog



8.  Irish Soldier Laddie

9.  Shall My Soul Pass Through

     Old Ireland

10. Off to Dublin in the Green

11. Black & Tan Gun

12. Skibreen

13. Dawning of the Day

14. The Belfast Brigade


8.  Lanigan's Ball/Irish Washerwoman

9.  Here I am Amongst You

10. Miss Monaghan/Flags of Dublin

11. Sullivan's John

12. Lord Gordon's Reel

13. The Half Door

14.  McMahon's Flowing Tide



8.  On the One Road

9.  Glen Na Smol

10. Trip to Rathlin

11. Reilly's Daughter

12. My Mother's Last Goodbye

13. The Doffer's Song

14. Lament for JFK



8.  When Irish Eyes are Smiling

9.  The Towne I Love So Well

10. Whiskey in the Jar

11. My Lagan Softly Flowing

12. Danny Boy

13. The Boys from the Co. Armagh

14. The Castle of Dromore



7.  Will You Go Lassie Go

8.  Field of Athenry

9.  If We Only Had Old Ireland Over


10. Love is Teasing

11. Galway Boy

12. The Alphabet Song

13.  Danny Boy



7.  Mother Dear of Mine

8.  Galway Boy

9.  Sweet Forget-Me-Nots

10. Take This Message to my Mother

11. Noreen Bawn

12. Mother Machree

13. Precious Memories

14. Wedding Bells


8.  The Holy Ground/Wild Rover/I'll

      Tell Me Ma

9.  How Can you Buy Killarney

10. Whiskey on a Sunday

11. Rose of Tralee

12. Forty Shades of Green

13. A Mother's Love is a Blessing

14. The Old Refrain



7.  Catch me if You Can/Golden


8.  Rose of Kilarney/Slievenamon/ The

     Galway Shawl

9.  The Westmeath Bachelor/The Old

     Woman from Wexford

10. Biddy Mulligan/Come Back Paddy

     Reilly/The Stone Outside Dan

     Murphy's Door/Rose of Arranmore

11.  Athone Highlanders/The

      Champion/The Irish Washerwoman

12.  Mursheen Durkin/Wild Colonial Boy/

      Leaving of Liverpool

13. The Red Rose Cafe/Kathleen/The

      Village Where I Went to School

14.  The Bluebell Polka