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Inspired Studios began in the late 1920’s as a plastic manufacturer for the garment industry under the name Synthetic Plastics Company (“SPC”). 




Technological advances in the decades to come allowed the company to expand its repertoire to include products such as dice, poker chips, and other plastic-molded products. Following World War II, Kasen discovered that his presses could be adapted to make phonograph records. With this as inspiration, he and his brother, Louis Kasen, founded Peter Pan Records, which eventually became the largest manufacturer of children's records in the U.S.



The 1940's

These first offerings bore the label of Peter Pan Records and were 78 RPM records containing perennial children's song favorites such as Old MacDonald's Farm, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the Nine Billy Goats Gruff. These recordings often featured a vocal group called the Caroleers. Other singers appeared also and were sometimes accompanied by the Peter Pan Orchestra.

Soon after, he and his brother and partner, Louis Kasen, created the following labels under the Peter Pan name:  Spin-O-Rama records, Pirouette Records, Mother Goose Records, Ambassador Records, Clan Records, Diplomat Records and Humpty Dumpty and Rocking Horse children’s record labels which were published under Kasen Music.


As the baby-boomer generation began to grow, Peter Pan records eventually became the largest manufacturer of children’s records in the US.



The 1950’s and 1960’s

These brightly-colored plastic records featuring children's songs continued to be produced and sold into the 1950's and early 1960's. In the 1960's, new titles were produced as the company turned to concentrate on their plastic products such as their other record labels Promenade Records and Guest Star Records.

The 1970's and the dawn of Power Records

As the 1970's began, the Peter Pan Industries division was formed from parent company Synthetic Plastics, and the new wing started producing children's recordings that were spoken-word stories. These included Peter and the Wolf (1971) and a record with two stories derived from the Flintstones television series (1972). The latter was a tie-in to popular characters of the time would only be the first in a long, successful series of story records based on television shows, comics and movies. The number of media tie-in titles would ultimately number in the dozens, including such subjects as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman of the comics, Star Trek, Six Million Dollar Man, and Kojak from television, and four of the Planet of the Apes movies. Several of the STAR TREK records were produced by Arthur Korb.

The late 1970's and the 1980's

The Power Records label was retired in 1977 and all subsequent records were produced under the Peter Pan Records name, including the several 1979 STAR TREK story records bearing photos from STAR TREK: The Motion Picture


 The 1990’s to Today                                                                            

In 2004, seventy-five years after Synthetic Plastics first opened their doors, the company has become known as Inspired Studios.  Today Inspired is headed by Daniel’s son, Donald M. Kasen, now President & CEO, who began helping his father in the record factory at age nine.  After attending high school, Donald enjoyed a professional musical career with his own rock band.  He later attended college, and upon graduation, joined the family business.  Even with his busy CEO schedule, Mr. Kasen still finds time to write and publish his own songs, which can be found on a number of Inspired’s audio titles


Now, the oldest independent entertainment distribution company in American, Inspired has expanded into the development of television broadcast properties, theatrical films, DVD, special interest, children’s home video, Latin music, music publishing and recording, including domestic and international licensed product merchandising.


In addition to it’s highly successful Parade and Peter Pan video divisions, Inspired distributes several audio labels including Compose (various artists and genres), Peter Pan (children’s) Compose-Tropico (Latin), Current (new age, lifestyle, and world beat), Bounce Records, Prom Records, JA Classics (Jamaican Authentic) and eMpower (club and dance).  Inspired is represented at ASCAP as Compose Music LLC and at BMI as Tifton Music LLC and Kasen Music and has been a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (“NARAS”) also known as the Grammy Recording Academy.


Currently, the company is restoring the legacy music from their vaults and is being digitalized to be available online at iTunes, eMusic, etc.



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